By Neil McCormick. Five indie stragglers in second-hand jackets and dented trilby hats are escorted into the vast Staples Centre by black-clad security guards. At a glass door, one of their scruffy number collides with Sting. The party moves on, duly chastened. Arriving for rehearsal, frontman Wesley Schultz contemplates photographic boards indicating where guests will sit. And that is just the front row. We recorded in the bathtub in a small house. Our expectations were pretty low. A year ago, the Lumineers were unknown.

Postponed – The Lumineers – New Date TBD

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Lead singer Wesley Schultz described how he and his wife have been attempting to care for a family member who has struggled with alcoholism.

In response to the recommendations of local, state and global health authorities and mandates by city and state government, The Lumineers at Chase Center originally scheduled for August 18th is postponed. We are actively working to reschedule this show to a future date and hope to have that information to you soon. If you have purchased tickets for the original date, your tickets will be honored at the rescheduled date.

Should you be unable to attend the new date, please go to place of purchase. Please check back on our website, APEConcerts. The Lumineers then set about trying to make musical sense of their three-year-plus roller coaster ride. Their skill at setting a visual story to music comes through amidst the delicate, deceptively simple acoustic soundscapes.

The Lumineers Don’t Want to Take the Easy Way Out

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Neyla Pekarek, a member of the Lumineers, has exited the band, Variety has confirmed. She will pursue a solo career.

The Lumineers, who supported U2 during the band’s run of concerts marking the 30th anniversary of The Joshua Tree, aren’t touring this summer, but touring member Bryan Isaacs recently released his own solo album, Disappearing Man. It might be a long way from Denver to Dublin, but there’s a strong bond between the Lumineers and U2. Both are platinum-selling bands that look to big ideas, literature, and romantic rumination for inspiration — the Lumineers’ second album, Cleopatra , draws delicately from Shakespeare’s canon and small town life.

Each group opts for radical left turns and tangents in the studio, never choosing the easiest or most predictable path. And in the spring of , the Lumineers opened for U2 in the U. The Stateside leg of the journey with the Lumineers wraps at Metlife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey, on June 28 and 29 — a mere 18 miles away from the town of Ramsey, where singer and guitarist Wesley Schultz and drummer and multi-instrumentalist Jeremiah Fraites first began playing music together as two Jersey guys with a dream.

The crosscountry gallop with U2 has enabled the Lumineers to play before massive crowds, with over 85, attending each show at Pasadena’s Rose Bowl alone. They’ve also gotten some good advice from the rock veterans; as Schultz told Rolling Stone , before their Rose Bowl show Bono wryly observed, “It’s very appropriate that it’s a stadium, because going into it is like a gladiatorial combat situation where you have to win the crowd or you get killed.

Fraites kindly obliged and sent on this perceptive list from the road. I was at a party and it came on. The low organ synthesizer drew me out of the room where everybody was congregating closer to one of the speakers. In the distance, and seemingly from out of nowhere, this incredible delayed guitar started to get closer and closer to my ears.

The Lumineers Light Up Duluth

The album will be released by S-Curve in Eight years ago, I answered a Craigslist ad to be in a band. In those eight years, we were nominated for two Grammys, we met President Obama, and we saw just about every dark, dingy green room this big, beautiful planet has to offer. I am incredibly grateful for these experiences and opportunities, but it is time to shed my skin; it is time for a new adventure.

We wish her nothing but the best going forward. Their touring prowess made the Lumineers a particularly desirable managerial magnet: Last year, the group sold out the Hollywood Bowl and a two-night stand at Madison Square Garden.

Tickets for additional date go on sale Friday, January 31 Ticket and Daily’s Rewards Members will have access to presale tickets on Thursday The band has been headlining festivals in the US and Canada, like Bonnaroo.

The mixed-aged audience was enthusiastic, well-behaved, knowledgeable and utterly focused on enjoying the concert. The Lumineers launched with “Sleep on the Floor” as Schultz stood at the front corner, stage right, with band co-founder Jeremiah Fraites behind his drum kit at the opposite front corner, angled toward Schultz. Schultz desired even more closeness, so as he sang “Angela,” he did a lap through the arena floor and upward into the lower bowl on both sides.

For “Flowers in Your Hair,” the band stood in a straight line, with Schultz strumming electric guitar, Lauren Jacobson sawing exquisitely on violin, the barefooted Stealth Ulvang squeezing an accordion, and Frias bashing a tambourine and using a pedal-kick to pound the beat on a solitary drum. Tight-sounding rock with a bit of indie-folk and wisps of Americana, a typical Lumineers song starts at low- to mid-level intensity and grows to something rousing, like when Schultz ended “My Cell” by singing long-held, majestic notes.

Video screens Tuesday beamed dark-themed imagery during those new songs.

The Lumineers Announce 2020 III: The World Tour

For this pivotal project, Schultz and Fraites brought Simone Felice back into the fold and added violinist Lauren Jacobson. The chapters also serves as the visual bookend for a sequential video series comprising the nine tracks, each directed by Kevin Phillips whose film Super Dark Times is streaming on Netflix. On the contrary, the work willed itself into existence out of a series of seemingly unconnected elements that magically locked together into a coherent whole.

Another crucial component was a song commissioned and subsequently rejected by a filmmaker, which features a haunting piano passage repurposed by Fraites from years earlier, when he barely knew how to play the instrument. For the longtime partners, the third time was indeed the charm, on all kinds of levels.

The Lumineers are a famous “folk-rock” band that has released plenty of Arguably, these are also the most popular songs by The Lumineers to date, by people that members of the band (mainly the lead singer) have met.

By Shirley Halperin. Executive Editor, Music. Neyla Pekarek, a member of the Lumineers , has exited the band, Variety has confirmed. The album will be released by S-Curve in Eight years ago, I answered a Craigslist ad to be in a band. In those eight years, we were nominated for two Grammys, we met President Obama, and we saw just about every dark, dingy green room this big, beautiful planet has to offer.

I am incredibly grateful for these experiences and opportunities, but it is time to shed my skin; it is time for a new adventure.

The Lumineers cellist Neyla Pekarek exits band

The Lumineers will play at the Schottenstein Center Feb. Courtesy of TNS. The album, which is broken into three chapters, showcases the struggles of mother Gloria, her son Jimmy and her grandson Junior, Ginsberg said. Lead singer Wesley Schultz described how he and his wife have been attempting to care for a family member who has struggled with alcoholism for about 10 years. Drummer Jeremiah Fraites is also no stranger to the evils of addiction, Shultz said.

While the album breaches somber topics, the tracks themselves often hold fast-paced, upbeat rhythms.

circuit, you’d think singer-songwriter Wesley Schultz would want his folk-rock band the Lumineers to embrace the sunnier side of songwriting.

The concert was a culmination of mellow, bashful lighting, reserved set design and genuine but demure headlining performance. From its start, the performance was clearly a show aimed to make its audience members feel as equally at home in the Infinite Center Arena as in quaint cafe — no small feat in an arena that seats 10, Schultz exudes a weighty deliberateness as he sings about desire and mortality.

Openers Susto and Kaleo both played excellent sets, though neither provoked the same exuberant response from the audience as The Lumineers. Touring with Kaleo was a smart decision. Schultz seemed to be awestruck that the group was fortunate to be playing such a venue on their third trip through Atlanta. In a clever solution to a longstanding mismatch between large venues and the folk genre, The Lumineers moved to a small, raised platform in the middle of the audience about 25 minutes into the show.

The Lumineers share story of addiction through newest album

American Songwriter. Discography ” The Hanging Tree “. InThe Lumineers released the album Cleopatra. So I decided to do something about it.

Fraites and Schultz are the two founding members of the Lumineers, arguably the “Wes is the lead singer, so he probably gets it more.” their debut that they considered too jarring for the band’s “first date” with the world.

On Sunday, the Lumineers are a headlining act at Bonnaroo. The album follows three generations of a fictitious family, but the subject matter is personal. Before introducing “Leader of the Landslide” from “III,” frontman Wesley Schultz shared that there was a member of his family struggling with addiction, had gone to rehab, relapsed, and has been homeless for a year.

Heart-wrenching words, especially the way Schultz expressed them through his anguished croon. As the song progressed Thursday, Schultz became mad as hell, bluntly cursing out his mother for blaming her children on her addiction. And there was “Gloria,” the album’s rollicking first single with the runaway piano parts, performed Thursday by a barefoot Stelth Ulvang.

It was a clap-along crowd-pleaser Thursday, but again, Schultz’s lyrics are damning and devastating. The Lumineers could have easily road-tested all the “III” songs; an opportunity for these fans to see them at the Pabst, with the front rows mere inches from Schultz’s feet, was a reward in itself. But then Schultz jumped down into the crowd and walked atop armrests through a row, singing along the way. Fraites stepped out from behind the drum kit for a campfire-ready take of “Flowers in Your Hair,” and only Schultz and Fraites performed “Slow It Down,” the song speeding up with the horsepower of a full rock band, even though it just featured Schultz singing and strumming his guitar while Fraites triggered a kick drum and banged a tambourine on the stage floor.

The Lumineers at Pre-GRAMMY Gala